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Free content for your website!

Below we provide free syndicated content feeds of our website content. You can use any of the feeds below to increase the appeal, usefulness and traffic visiting your website.

You do not need to be a wizard at HTML coding to add these free feeds, all the hard work is done for you, you simply need to add 1 line of code to the page where you want the feed to appear, publish it to your website and it will immediately begin delivering interactive and dynamic content to your website. Changing content and interactive web site tools are the driving force behind return visits to any website!!


If you have any problems or have any questions about our free content feeds contact us at

Braunton Weather Feed

The Braunton weather feed shows a short 2 day forecast, details include: hi/low temperature, text forecast, weather image, sunrise and sunset times. To see an example of the feed click here (popup).

To add the feed to your website simply highlight then copy (Ctrl+C) the code shown in the textbox below and paste (Ctrl+V) it into the HTML page in the location where you want it to appear on your page.
Note: The code should be pasted within the <body> section of your HTML page.

Once you have created your webpage, publish it to your website and voila you have dynamic weather for Braunton on your website. You do not need to do anything else and the weather forecast on your website will always be upto date.

If you have an understanding of HTML and CSS style sheets you can also format the style of the text (color, size, font, etc.). Add the following style code into the <head> section of your page. You can then change the font variables to match the rest of your site.


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